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Why use a coach? 

Even the best surgeon can't operate on his or her own hands; Similarly, an actor can't be objective about his or her own audition or career, no matter how good s/he is. A coach is the outside eye you need to reenforce what's working, identify obstacles and solutions, and find opportunities you may have missed. That awareness can make the difference between sitting on the sidelines and booking the job.


How can I be sure my audition won't seem 'coached'?

That 'coached' feeling is a result of working with someone who doesn't understand the actor's process. Your choices are what make your audition unique, and coaching should never be about changing those choices. It's about asking questions and finding opportunities that enhance your choices and bring the text to life in a way only you can. 


There are a lot of coaches out there. Why you? 

There are a lot of coaches, and each has their own background and approach. In my experience, working actors make great coaches because we've been through it all ourselves. The techniques and strategies I share as a coach are the same ones I use every day in my own career. My approach is personal and practical; If you're struggling with the emotional and spiritual challenges of being an actor, we'll find ways to get your head back in the game. If you want to be held accountable for that project you've been avoiding, we'll find the root of the problem and break through it. If auditions make you feel anxious or nervous, we'll shift your perspective so you can approach them with excitement and confidence. At the end of every session, you'll know exactly what to do to ace your audition or take the next step toward your goal. The right coach for you is the one who helps you get results!


Shouldn't I use a coach who is also a casting director, because it might get me an audition?

No, and here's why. You want casting directors to always see you at your best. That's why we agonize when we 'bomb' an audition. But if you're worried about 'bombing' in a coaching session, you're wasting your time and money. Coaching has to be a safe place to take risks and fall on your face, because that's often the only way to find what really works. You can't do that if you're worried about impressing your coach. That doesn't mean you shouldn't work with a coach who is also a casting director; It just means you should choose a coach because they're the right coach for you, not because you think it might help you get called in. 


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