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What is Working Actor Wisdom? 

I'm Rebecca Metz, I'm a working actor, and Working Actor Wisdom is what I do when I'm not acting.

After graduating from the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, moving to Los Angeles, and realizing I had no idea what to do next, I figured out how to turn being a good actor into being a working actor. That's what Working Actor Wisdom is all about.

Working Actor Wisdom is not acting training, it's career and audition training. You'll learn how to build relationships with the people who need what you've got, and turn those relationships into work by delivering killer auditions every time you walk in the room.


The Work

Career Coaching

Every actor loves acting, its the 'business' part that trips us up. You keep meaning to step it up and get serious about the business... But how? We'll train your business brain by:

  • Organizing all of those audition notes, contact sheets, and to-do lists once and for all
  • Turning complaints (too few auditions, not enough credits, can't find an agent, etc.) into specific, actionable, achievable goals
  • Identifying concrete, manageable, daily tasks that result in real progress


Audition Coaching

Delivering a killer audition takes a whole different set of skills than the ones we learned in acting school. Whether you're going to producers tomorrow or want to practice before the pressure's on, we'll cover:

  • Conquering the audition-freakout that prevents you from doing your best work
  • Crafting a unique & memorable performance that leads to more auditions
  • Delivering in the room with the kind of confidence that cements relationships and books jobs


Audition Taping

Need to put yourself on tape? We'll take care of the lighting, sound, editing, uploading, and scene partnering; All you have to bring is your work. 

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